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Marks & Spencer cuts forecasting time by 50% with Vena

“Previously it would take us well over six weeks to do a forecast it’s a three week process.” - Mark Baillie, Head of Finance Systems at Marks & Spencer.

Spread the joy of finance across your organisation

Vena transforms your headcount planning into a truly collaborative process. Our headcount planning software features a workflow engine that allows every department manager to have a voice in the process—and our familiar Excel interface means your teams don’t have to learn a new tool for inputting numbers or viewing reports. Goodbye finance phobia.
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Trusted data. Confident decisions.

Experience the peace of mind that comes from confidence in your data. Connect our headcount planning software to your HRIS system so you can stop manually inputting personnel data, start delivering more accurate salary and wage forecasts and ensure you’re always working with the latest numbers. Take the guesswork out of payroll tax and fringe benefit forecasting by using set tax and benefit rates. And build out business environment assumptions such as attrition rates and planning for new hires so you can see into the future with 20/20 vision.

Move with agility and plan with intention

Want to know how much is in the budget for raises? Or what the impact on the bottom line will be if fringe benefits increase by 5 percent? With advanced modelling capabilities and all of your personnel and financial data in one place, our staff planning software enables you to quickly—and confidently—empower management with the answers they need to make agile, finance-led business planning decisions.

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