Spring '2022 Release

Vena’s Spring ‘22 release offers more ways than ever to help you excelerate your personal, professional and business growth with features and product enhancements to support best practices for agile budgeting, forecasting and reporting. Join us for On the Road to Growth, an exclusive product release session at the Excelerate =SUM(it). Check out the highlights below and start exploring today!

Vena’s Spring ‘22 Release Information Session, On the Road to Growth at Excelerate = SUM(it), Wednesday May 11, 12:30pm ET


Top Features in the Spring ’22 Release


Customizable Templates and Views with Expand Roll-Ups


Faster Workflow and Shorter Budgeting Cycles using Validation Rules


More Granular and Detailed Planning with Staging Queries


Spring Release 22 gif


What's New in the Spring ’22 Release

Available on May 16, the Spring ’22 Product Release is designed to help businesses like yours excelerate personal, professional and business growth. This release includes new expand and collapse, validation rules and other Vena 365 Connect features. On top of more calcs efficiencies and additional enhancements to the new data Modeler experience, including improvements to overwrite saved versions—all designed to excelerate growth on a personal, professional and business level and scale your plan to grow.