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Effortless enrollment planning

Vena simplifies enrollment and tuition revenue planning by integrating your student and program enrollment data from your ERP into an integrated planning solution. This allows you to provide timely, data-driven insights to your school’s board and management group. And with Vena’s higher education budgeting software, you can model tuition rates and fees to quickly understand how different scenarios will impact your bottom line.
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Grow smarter with Vena

Managing funding and resource allocation in higher education can be challenging. Vena makes it easy. With all of your organisation-wide data stored in a centralised database and the ability to create detailed reports in real-time, you can quickly identify pockets of funding that aren’t being strategically spent. And Vena’s drill down function allows you to better manage the transparency required for fund accounting in higher education.

Excel with Excel

What if you could plan anything in Excel with confidence? Our higher education budgeting software leverages the power and flexibility of the world’s leading grid so you can continue using the tool you already know to do things you’ve only imagined. Analyse departmental spending, gain instant insights for your enrollment management plan, streamline your workforce planning process and more with Vena.

Get more time back in your day

Vena’s intuitive workflow system automates tedious processes such as submissions, reviews and approvals so you can spend more time getting down to business. And stop wasting time chasing down numbers by assigning tasks to your teammates using our higher education budgeting software. With Vena, you’ll get back more time today so you can focus on tomorrow.
Saint Mary’s University Plans with Confidence

“We’ve been able to reduce the time that our executive group has spent reviewing the budget by 70%—from 3 weeks to 3 days.”

Senior Director, Financial Services at Saint Mary’s University

Solutions to Help Power Your Plan to Grow

For higher education institutions, it can be difficult to track transactions across thousands of different funds and manage a deep chart of accounts. Discover how Vena makes it easy to distill and analyse all of your information with solutions for cost allocations, budgeting and forecasting and revenue planning.

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