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Plan with peace of mind with financial modelling built for banks

Most financial management solutions for banking aren’t built with your needs in mind. You need a planning platform that can keep up with the quickly changing market conditions so you can mitigate risk and maximize profitability. By combining the Vena Growth Engine with the familiar Excel interface, Vena for Banks and Credit Unions gives you the capabilities of a complete planning platform built to the specifications of your unique needs. It’s your ultimate planning foundation made up of templates, data models, connectors and business logic.

Unify your data with our complete planning platform

Between ERP and GL, ALM, FTP and HRIS data, it can be impossible to find the numbers you need and keep everything in check. And as smaller and regional banks consolidate in order to capitalize on scale advantages and compete with larger banks, they must deal with an increasing amount of siloed data. This leads to headaches when trying to complete key financial planning and analysis processes— unless that data is unified. With Vena’s complete planning platform, you can integrate data from multiple ERPs and subsidiaries to create a single source of truth, allowing you to plan more efficiently, consolidate with ease and provide more insightful analysis about your business.
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Gain confidence in your numbers

By integrating your data sources and automating your workflows, audits and processes, Vena ensures you are always working with the latest actuals. And Vena connects your financial models to a secure, centralised database so you can move with agility when it comes to changes in key drivers like prime rates. You can even use Vena’s what-if and scenario modelling capabilities to see the potential impact that changes in margin and profitability will have across your organization.
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Tell a powerful story with your data using banking dashboards

Whether it’s AUM or NIM percentage versus Benchmark, Return on Assets, Return on Equity, sales per branch or others—how you deliver your data is what matters when it comes to driving performance and creating efficiencies. With Vena’s beautiful and responsive banking dashboards, you can share actionable insights to engage stakeholders and influence informed decision making throughout every stage of the planning cycle.
ATB Financial plans with confidence

“Our business partners are talking about what we can do with the system, not what we can’t do”

Vena helps organisations like ATB Financial plan with confidence with our preconfigured logic, which incorporates assumptions around base rates, margin and interest rate calculations to automatically drive your net interest margin plan.

Solutions to Help Power Your Plan to Grow

Vena streamlines your budgeting and forecasting, regulatory reporting and variance analysis so you can grow smarter and plan for the future with confidence.

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