Complete Planning Software for Banks

A Complete Credit Union and Banking Platform With an Excel Interface
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Vena helps you budget, forecast and plan with confidence

Minimize risks, maximize profitability and plan with agility using Vena’s pre-configured solution for banks and credit unions.

Revenue and Net Interest Margin Planning

Plan product asset balance and run-off from ALM data and net interest margin by product based on funding rates from your FTP system. And plan interest revenue and expenses relative to prime lending, other base rates and yield curves.

Banking Dashboards and Reports

Whether it’s AUM or NIM percentage vs Benchmark, ROA (Return on Assets), ROE (Return on Equity), sales per branch or other KPIs, Vena provides dashboards and reports that help you uncover deeper insights.

What-if Analysis and Financial Modeling for Banks

Copy your portfolio and financial forecasts to what-if models to change assumptions on interest rates, yield curves, portfolio products and more so you can stay agile, mitigate risk and explore growth opportunities.

Real-time Product Profitability Analysis

Our planning templates connect your interest earning asset and liability balances to your net interest margin forecasts, allowing for product profitability analysis in real-time.
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Streamline FP&A for banks and credit unions

Our credit union and banking software streamlines financial planning for banks by giving you the capabilities of a complete planning platform built to the specification of a banks’ unique needs.
Excel Enhanced

Excel Enhanced

Vena adds several powerful and time-saving functions to Excel such as workflows, data integrations, audit trails, drill-throughs, user permissions and more.

Variance Reporting and Financial Statements

Integrate your actuals and forecasts to produce your financial statements and variance reports in record time.

Pre-Configured Logic and FP&A for Banks

Directly relate your income and expense accounts to your run/off logic and balance sheet balances plan. Vena incorporates assumptions around base rates, margin and interest rate calculations to automatically drive your net interest margin plan.

Workflows for Processes Such as Regulatory Reporting

Leverage Vena’s workflow tool to manage your regulatory reporting process—and to distribute templates to all your entities and control the submission and review process.
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Collaboratively Analyze and Adjust Forecasts

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Create Ad-Hoc Reports in Minutes

With Vena you can create reports in just a few easy steps, freeing up more time for analysis.

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Gain Confidence in Your Numbers

All of your spreadsheets, templates, models and data are connected to Vena’s central database so you’re always working with accurate, up-to-date numbers.


Accelerate Budget to Actual Variance Analysis

Need to perform a budget to actual variance analysis at the departmental level? You can do it in a snap with Vena.

Business logic to facilitate planning, forecasting and budgeting processes
Financial Modeling for Banks
Data modeling pre-configured to your Chart of Accounts and business dimensions.
Banking Dashboards & Analytics
Data modeling pre-configured to your Chart of Accounts and business dimensions.

An Award-Winning Partner To Guide You on Your Path to Success

Connect your data sources to create a single source of truth

Connect your data sources to create a single source of truth

Say goodbye to manual data entry. Vena allows you to integrate data from multiple ERPs and subsidiaries to create a single source of truth so you can plan more efficiently, consolidate with ease and provide more insightful analysis about your business

General Ledger (GL) / ERP

Trust your numbers by integrating data into your templates from systems such as Microsoft Dynamics GP and SL, NetSuite, Quickbooks, Sage Intacct, Oracle and more.

Asset Liability Management (ALM) and Funds Transfer Pricing (FTP)

Incorporate earning asset/liability balances and scheduled run-off by product category form your ALM. And integrate funds transfer pricing by product category/class from your FTP system.


Connect data from HRIS and payroll systems such as Paylocity, ADP, Ceridian, Paychex, Paycom and Ultipro.
Excel and CSV Files

Excel and CSV Files

Import your existing Excel, CSV and flat files from local systems or cloud storage applications such as Dropbox, OneDrive, SFTP and SharePoint.

Leverage Excel Templates and Banking Dashboards

Vena’s credit union and banking software comes with pre-built input and planning templates and banking dashboards so you can hit the ground growing.
  • Control template for base rates, related accounts and other variables
  • Balances and net interest margin planning (earnings assets)
  • Banking Metrics / KPI Dashboard
  • Balances and net interest margin planning (interest bearing liabilities)
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See Vena for Banking and Credit Unions in Action

Watch how Vena streamlines the FP&A processes for organizations whose primary revenue stream is interest margins. Built on industry best practices, Vena includes integration to source systems, planning templates, comprehensive reporting and a collaborative workflow—all within the familiar Excel interface.

Solutions to Help Power Your Plan to Grow

Vena streamlines your budgeting and forecasting, regulatory reporting and variance analysis so you can grow smarter and plan for the future with confidence.
Budgeting and Forecasting
Regulatory Reporting
Variance Analysis

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