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Feedback Loops – Reporting as a Two-Way Street

October 31, 2015 |

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Excel The #1 Reporting Tool For Executives Despite Newer Alternatives

More than 70% of global executives use spreadsheets to track and manage financial reporting data on a daily basis, according to a survey by Accenture and their partners. The survey also revealed that while finance executives often use a dedicated applicati......

July 22, 2015 |

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Effective Tax Forecasting Requires Looking at the Big Picture

No one particularly enjoys tax season, whether they’re mere individuals filing their financial paperwork for the year or CFOs at large corporations overseeing billion-dollar budgets. No one particularly enjoys tax season, whether they’re individuals filing......

January 27, 2015 |

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Vena and Rivet Software Join Forces to Improve Efficiency of SEC and Financial Reporting

Partnership cements commitment to streamlined, low maintenance financial reporting Toronto, Ontario, October 30, 2014 – Today, regulatory bodies are placing as much scrutiny on the process of data collection and financial reporting as they do on the result......

October 31, 2014 |

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From Ctrl-V to Process Control: Professional accounting no longer a data collection job

According to benchmark research from PwC, corporate accountants are finally spending less time on data gathering and more time on insightful analysis. The business world has always had a need for skilled accounting professionals but until recently, an inor......

August 24, 2014 |

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