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4 Best Practices For Creating a Variance Analysis Report in Excel

January 13, 2022 |

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Are Companies Overreliant on Excel?

Can you believe it has been more than 34 years since the initial release of Microsoft Excel? Or how about the fact that Microsoft has slowed down on updates since moving its Office products to the cloud 10+ years ago? Even though there are other programs l......

December 28, 2021 |

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The Ultimate Guide to Financial Dashboards

A financial dashboard is designed to track a variety of finance-related key performance indicators (KPIs). With it, anyone and everyone with access to this data can quickly obtain an accurate overview of the performance in question. In this guide, we answe......

December 9, 2021 |

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The Ultimate Guide to Financial Reporting

This blog was first published in early 2021 and updated on December 8, 2021. Numbers paint a picture, tell a story, reveal the truth. As such, it's critically important that your financial reporting is accurate, thorough, and up to date. As one of the mind......

December 8, 2021 |

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Direct vs. Indirect: Choosing the Best Cash Flow Method for Your Business

This post was first published in 2020 and updated on December 8, 2021. It may not always get the most love, but your cash flow statement is a vital part of your reporting story. That’s why, in this post, we’re going to talk all about choosing the best cash......

December 8, 2021 |

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5 Steps To Build Your Financial Dashboard

Are you seeking a better way to view and understand your company’s financial position? While there are many options available, building a financial dashboard should be at the top of your priority list. Once you create a dashboard, you can take advantage of......

December 7, 2021 |

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How Insurance Companies Should Use Gross Written Premiums and Net Written Premiums

In accounting terms, written premiums represent the number of premiums sold by an insurance company during a specific period and usually appear at the top of a company’s income statement. Written premiums may be measured as a gross or net number—critical m......

December 2, 2021 |

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7 Financial KPIs Your Management Teams Should Monitor

Whether your business objective is demonstrating shareholder value, scaling your business or increasing productivity and profitability, tracking financial KPIs can help you get there. They will provide you with insight into the big picture and allow you to......

December 1, 2021 |

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Why Are Dashboards Important to Performance?

Why are dashboards important? Dashboards allow you to present data from across your business in a way that’s easy to digest. With a consolidated view of data and insights, they also play a key role in helping to derive actionable insights and tell the righ......

November 17, 2021 |

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Top 3 Dashboards To Improve Financial Reporting

  When it comes to reporting, financial dashboards have emerged as an important part of the process. Acting as a powerful data visualisation tool, a financial reporting dashboard—such as one powered by Excel—shines at showing key pieces of data, visually t......

November 4, 2021 |

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